Learning and Christian Faith: Natural Partnerships within a Multiple Intelligence Teaching Approach (MITA): Problems and Possibilities

Ellen Weber

When Christian faith finds a pathway into learning and teaching practices, trust in God and belief in Scripture influence the educational enterprise. Ellen Weber explores how faith and learning integrate within a Multiple Intelligence Teaching Approach (MITA). This approach began from joint projects among teachers, researchers, and students in 1991. Since that time, MITA has evolved into learning and teaching projects in several countries. The MITA approach described in this work is shaped by three distinct practices: collaboration, content integration and criteria for negotiated assessment. The paper illustrates MITA's main features as each relates to changed mental models of learning and teaching, and illustrates Christian faith as pivotal to MITA reform. The paper also describes a MITA center launched at Houghton College in September 1999 as a faculty support and training institute. Ms. Weber is Director of Secondary Education at Houghton College.

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