The Problematic of Faculty Remuneration in the Christian College

Frank Anthony Spina

In Frank Spina's response to the proposition that the Christian principle is "equal pay for equal work," he poses the following questions: (1) whether markets are just or unjust, are they unavoidable?; (2) if "equal pay for equal work" is in fact a Christian principle, why should it be applied exclusively to faculty pay schemes?; (3) if markets are inherently unjust, should not Christians denounce them, refuse to participate in them, and advocate alternate systems?; (4) is it obvious that economies based on markets have been more unjust than those otherwise based?; (5) might other inequities and difficulties emerge when attempting to rectify the alleged injustice of differential pay by disciplines?; (6) has it been shown that "equal pay for equal work" is a biblical and Christian principle? Mr. Spina is Professor of Old Testament at Seattle Pacific University.

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