The Story of the Triune God: Time and Eternity in Robert Jenson's Theology

John R. Albright

John Albright explores Robert Jenson's trinitarian reconstruction of eternity as the faithfulness by which God overcomes the bondage of the past and embraces the precariousness of the present. In Jenson's account, the risen Jesus, who was bound by the mysteries of time, accomplishes this by the future. This portrayal of a God who lives in time is what the early church s defense of the Trinity was all about. The Trinity is a defense of an historical God, not simply an otherworldly God who goes by three names. Moreover, the Trinity is a particularly Christian way of understanding time; the resurrection of a man crucified in an age long past is what allows us to proclaim that God s future is part of our present. Mr. Albright is a graduate student of the history of Christianity at Vanderbilt University.

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