Searching for Woman's Place in Evangelicalism---Review Essay

Rebecca Merrill Groothuis

Assessing R. Marie's Griffith's scholarly study of Women's Aglow Fellowship, Rebecca Merrill Groothuis finds it both illuminating and flawed. The book reveals much about the attitudes of many evangelical women toward issues of gender and power, and in so doing counters a simplistic stereotype. But it falls into misinterpretations and, by erroneously generalizing to all evangelical women, advances what is merely a more complex stereotype. Merrill Groothuis is the author of Good News for Women: A Biblical Picture of Gender Equality (Baker, 1997) and Women Caught in the Conflict: The Culture War Between Traditionalism and Feminism (Baker, 1994; repr. Wipf & Stock, 1997).

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Last Updated: January 4, 1999
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