Beyond Foundationalism: Is a Nonfoundationalist Evangelical Theology Possible?

Stanley J. Grenz

The emerging postmodern ethos entails the widespread rejection of the foundationalist epistemological program that characterized the Enlightenment and, by extension, modern theology in both its liberal and conservative forms, as scholars have embarked on a quest to move beyond foundationalism. Stanley J. Grenz explores the implications that such a quest bodes for evangelicals who would engage in the theological enterprise in the postmodern context. To this end, this essay looks at Enlightenment foundationalism and its impact on modern theology, sketches the shift to a nonfoundationalist epistemology in philosophy and theology, and proposes a methodological program that offers a way forward for evangelical theology. Mr. Grenz is professor of Baptist heritage, theology, and ethics at Carey Theological College and Regent College.

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