Concluding Theological Postscript on Scholarship Reconsidered: An Apocalyptic Identity and Scholarship of Possibility for the Ancient-Future

Derek Alan Woodard-Lehman

Utilizing Ernest Boyer's definition of scholarship ( Scholarship Reconsidered) and employing the Post-Christendom thesis, Derek Alan Woodard-Lehman argues for an apocalyptic identity and direction for Christian scholarship in the twenty-first century. These are required because higher education currently serves the public and political function of forming a polity suitable for the Liberal nation-state. He argues this is at cross-purposes with the formation of Christian scholars and a distinctive scholarship. As such, he suggests we embrace our place as prophetic pilgrims within the pagan culture, adopt a language of non-abstracted particulars, and employ a rhetorical strategy of exilic hospitality. These shifts provide for a sufficiently distinct Christian scholarship, rather than one co-opted by the pagan culture. Mr. Woodard-Lehman is completing an M.A. in Higher Education at Geneva College.

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