Debating Soul, Body, and SurvivalA Review Essay

Hans E. Bynagle

Kevin Corcoran's recently published anthology, Soul, Body, and Survival, offers a valuable reflection of the diversity of Christian positions within the current landscape in philosophy of mind, and a welcome resource for thinking about the nature of persons. After surveying some of the book's contributions, this review essay urges that while the compatibility of various positions with Christian belief receives and needs much attention in Christian debates, issues relating more directly to the truth or philosophical tenability of competing theories remain central and merit a larger share of attention. Several topics pertaining to the latter are proposed as directions for further exploration-especially an unduly neglected topic relating to mind and spatiality that poses a significant challenge for physicalism. Hans Bynagle teaches philosophy of mind and is Library Director at Whitworth College.

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Last Updated: October 8, 2002
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