The Chimera of Virtual Place: False Dichotomies Never Apply

David P. Caddell and David A. Diekema

In this response, David Caddell and David Diekema respond to Van Weigel by suggesting that he makes no pedagogical argument concerning how distance learning is equivalent to face-to-face interaction. In response to his critique that Diekema and Caddell draw on the familiar (no longer useful) dichotomy between the physical and virtual places, the authors suggest that there is no relevant dichotomy other than the real and the unreal. Finally, the authors respond to Weigel’s criticism of their theologizing concerning the place of distance learning in Christian higher education by suggesting that the Pauline corpus is not the biblical demonstration of the effectiveness of correspondence courses as Weigel asserts. Mr. Caddell and Mr. Diekema are members of the sociology department at Seattle Pacific University.

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