Finding God in Prozac or Finding Prozac in God: Preserving a Christian View of the Person Amidst a Biopsychological Revolution

Michael J. Boivin

The most recent trend in science/faith integration in psychology is a holistic view of persons derived from the naturalization of the soul. Soul is defined as an emergent dynamic, consistent with nonreductive physicalism and lending itself to an understanding through the empirical method. The second is a renewed emphasis on the physical aspect of personhood in its fallen and in its resurrected incorruptible state. These emphases, within the context of a Christian view of creation, redemption, and resurrection, would provide a means by which the brain/behavior biomedical advances in treating emotional brokenness, such as Prozac, can enhance a faith perspective in psychology. Michael J. Boivin is Professor of Psychology at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Last Updated: January 1, 2003
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