Education for Homelessness or Homemaking? The Christian College in a Postmodern Culture

Steven Bouma-Prediger and Brian Walsh

Some posit today that colleges and universities—small or large, public or private, Christian or secular—educate people for upward mobility, alienate people from their local habitation, and encourage the vandalism of the earth. In short, they argue that education is in many respects education for global homelessness. Steven Bouma-Prediger and Brian Walsh agree. In this article they examine these claims, set forth an alternative vision of education, and describe some of the implications of a biblically informed vision. In doing so, they argue that Christian higher education ought explicitly to aim at homecoming and homemaking. Mr. Bouma-Prediger is Professor of Religion at Hope College, and Mr. Walsh is Christian Reformed minister to the University of Toronto and Adjunct Professor of Theology of Culture at Wycliffe College.

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