Biogeographic and Trophic Restructuring of the Biosphere: The State of the Earth under Human Domination

Calvin B. DeWitt

Calvin B. DeWitt notes climate change now pushes plant and animal ranges 3.8 miles poleward each decade, nearly one-third of Earth’s arable land has been lost to erosion, biodiversity is seriously threatened by habitat destruction and toxification, and overexploitation has brought collapse of the world’s major fisheries and an adverse restructuring of ocean food webs. Earth is now under human domination. Like it or not, this extends human responsibility to the whole biosphere and requires a more robust stewardship that preserves intact biospheric systems, establishes the conditions for restoration and healing of degraded systems, and makes peace with creation through deliberate and determined reconciliation. Mr. DeWitt is Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Director of the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies.

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