The Educational Imperative of Creation Care

Kenneth L. Petersen

Ken Petersen argues that our educational systems generally have failed to help students understand their vital connections to and responsibility for the non-human creation. But environmental education, as it matures, can put us on the right track. In addition to exploring how the world works physically and biologically, it commonly embraces questions of lifestyle, sustainability, and ethics, with the aim of preparing people to be creation-literate and creation- responsible citizens. It also offers a number of integrating perspectives, themes, and tools that can help to orient and connect traditional disciplines. Further, the perspectives and themes of environmental education should direct the practices of an institution to make it a model of creation-sensitive living. Mr. Petersen, formerly Professor of Environmental Studies at Dordt College, now serves as Professor of Biology at Bethel College (MN).

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Last Updated: July 15, 2003
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