Partnership with Nature According to the Scriptures: Beyond the Theology of Stewardship

H. Paul Santmire

H. Paul Santmire maintains that a theology of partnership with nature can give a more adequate interpretation of the biblical theology of nature than the more familiar theology of stewardship over nature. Presupposing the “Great Story” of God’s history with the whole creation, he understands this theology of partnership to be complex: it depicts relationships between God and humans, between God and all creatures, and between humans and every other creature. Accordingly, the human relationship to nature is complex, too. When it is right, it entails creative intervention in nature, sensitive care for nature, and awestruck contemplation of nature. He arrives at these conclusions by a detailed exegetical exploration of three “trajectories” in Scripture, focusing on Genesis 1, Genesis 2-3, and Job 38-41. Mr. Santmire lives and writes in the Boston area, after thirty-five years of college teaching and parish ministry.

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