Response to Kathleen H. Storm

Michael J. Boivin

In this response, Michael J. Boivin asserts that technological advances in psychiatry and medicine convey a message of hope embroidered with vivid reminders of human frailty and dependence. Yet, there remains hope with such technological advances, in that we can now offer treatment where before we had none to offer. Such advances should not threaten a Christian view of freedom in personhood. The first step in freedom is to realize just how determined we are. It is in understanding those deterministic processes and engineering effective technologies in response to them, that we can achieve our therapeutic goals, and not by maintaining the illusion that we somehow supersede the natural order. We achieve autonomy only in the sense that we responsibly orchestrate those processes that will shape us as a people in a redemptive and constructive manner, as inspired by a Christian ideal and worldview. Mr. Boivin is Professor of Psychology at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Last Updated: October 29, 2003
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