Evangelical Historiography Beyond the “Outward Clash”: A Case Study on the Alternation Approach

Bradley N. Seeman

Bradley N. Seeman argues that evangelical scholarship has involved itself in an “alternation approach” to integration in which the scholar “leaps” or “alternates” between separate realms of faith and scholarship. A number of evangelical historians prominently display the alternation approach and its limitations. Most importantly, the alternation approach rests on the deeply problematic notion of an “unencumbered evangelical.” After pointing out the fatal flaws in the alternation approach, Mr. Seeman tentatively suggests a different approach that cautiously draws on Charles Peirce’s notion of an “Outward Clash” with reality. Evangelical historians—indeed, evangelical scholars generally—need a different tack for integration than the alternation approach. Mr. Seeman is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Judson College.

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Last Updated: October 29, 2003
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