Global Discipleship and Online Learning: What Does Blackboard Have to do with Jerusalem?

Shirley J. Roels

Shirley J. Roels believes Christian educators must decide whether God’s command to make “disciples of all nations” is central to their Christian educational mission, and if so, whether online learning is now a preferred vehicle to fulfill that calling. While this article considers elearning as a means for global Christian higher education, it also addresses worries about its effects on both students and Christian educational institutions. The author concludes that in an age where technology has changed our sense of place, Christian higher education should not be as bounded by physical location. Instead the future can be one of global Christian partnerships that support mutual teaching and learning about cultural discipleship. Ms. Roels is the Director of the Lilly Vocation Project and Professor of Management at Calvin College.

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Last Updated: July 5, 2004
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