Contra Hart: Christian Scholars Should not Throw in the Towel

William C. Davis

In “Christian Scholars, Secular Universities and the Problem of the Antithesis” (CSR 30.4 [Summer 2001]: 383-402), D. G. Hart argues that Christian scholars and colleges ought to abandon “Kuyperian” attempts to integrate their faith and their work as scholars. Instead, Hart advocates a “Lutheran” submission to the authority of the modern academy that makes genuine “Christian scholarship” impossible. William C. Davis argues that Hart’s argument misunderstands both the modern academy and the nature of scholarship. Drawing upon Alasdair MacIntyre’s Three Rival Versions of Moral Inquiry, Davis shows that an adequate account of the academy and scholarship allows Christian scholars and colleges to pursue the integration of faith and learning in good conscience. Mr. Davis is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Covenant College.

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