Building Respect, Seeking Truth: Towards a Model for Muslim-Christian Studies

Ida Glaser and Gregory M. Anderson

This paper by Ida Glaser and Gregory M. Anderson uses a unique co-operation between a Christian-based study center and a university department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies as a case study in attempting to develop a model for educating Christians in Islamic contexts. It starts with the study center’s distinctive perspective and goes on to explore ways of dealing with some of the theological and historical challenges for Muslim-Christian interactions. The very concept of “educating Christians to respond to Islam” is called into question and a new way forward is proposed. Cross-reference theology, versions of the Noah story, martyrdom, and the Muslim threat at the time of the Protestant Reformation are some of the areas used to exemplify how faithful Christians and Muslims (and others) can fruitfully study together, aspiring towards the center’s motto, “Building Respect: Seeking Truth.” Ms. Glaser is at the Edinburgh Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies and Mr. Anderson is at the International Community Church in London.

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