A Slippery Slope to Secularization? An Empirical Analysis of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Samuel Joeckel and Thomas Chesnes

In this essay, Samuel Joeckel and Thomas Chesnes explore whether secularization threatens institutions belonging to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Employing a 2007 survey, they show that, though vigilance should still be exercised, these institutions are hardly descending a slippery slope to secularization. The second part of the essay argues that overzealous vigilance against secularization proves counterproductive, resulting in a theological and political homogeneity and defensiveness that militate against important aims of higher education, such a the free exchange of ideas and a charitable understanding of diversity of thought. Mr. Joeckel is Associate Professor of English and Mr. Chesnes is Associate Professor of Biology at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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