Looking at Nature Through Other Eyes: Godís Governance of Nature in the Religion-Science Debate

Harry Cook and John R. Wood

Wisdom in the Scriptures speaks explicitly about Godís day-to-day involvement in the governance of His creation. Harry Cook and John R. Wood explore how participants in the religion-science debate have developed theories about the seeming independence of nature and its laws and Godís relationship with nature. The role of chance, the meaning of suffering in nature, and the rise of the Intelligent Design theory all pose distinct challenges to the traditional view of the mystery and providence of God. The authors evaluate and comment upon these challenges and explore recent theological discussions that deal with the apparent ďhiddennessĒ of God. They present their own view of Godís governance that seeks to recognize the mystery of Godís presence in nature. Harry Cook is Professor of Biology, emeritus, and John Wood is Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at The Kingís University College in Edmonton, Canada.

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