Needed: A Few More Scholars/ Popularizers/Activists: Personal Reflections on my Journey

Ronald J. Sider

In this essay, Ronald J. Sider offers reflections on a personal journey seeking to combine scholarship, popularizing and activism. After noting several frustrations and dangers, he outlines five different “models” or approaches used to combine these three different elements. He especially recommends the last two approaches. In the first one, he joined a team of diverse scholars to produce a scholarly collection of essays which he then used to write a more popular volume (Just Generosity: A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America). In the second one, he collaborated with a gifted graduate student which led to both a popular and a scholarly volume on the same research. The article ends with a few generalizations and conclusions drawn from this personal journey. Mr. Sider is Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry, and Public Policy at Palmer Theological Seminary.

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