Resurrecting the Russian University’s Soul: The Emergence of Eastern Orthodox Universities and Their Distinctive Approaches to Keeping Faith with Tradition

Perry L. Glanzer and Konstantin Petrenko

Although Catholicism and Protestantism profoundly influenced the origins and development of numerous institutions of higher education, until recently traditionally Eastern Orthodox lands had not produced what in the West would be called liberal arts colleges or universities. Perry L. Glanzer and Konstantin Petrenko explore the historical factors that prevented the Eastern Orthodox Church from establishing such institutions in the East. They then examine the history behind the emergence of two young Eastern Orthodox universities, St. John and St. Tikhon. Finally, using data collected from site visits and interviews with administrators and professors at these institutions, they explore the unique ways these new Orthodox universities attempt to integrate faith and learning. Mr. Glanzer is Associate Professor of Education at Baylor University and Mr. Petrenko is a Ph.D. student in the Institute of Church and State at Baylor University.

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