Homosexuality: Toward an Informed, Compassionate Response

James H. Zahniser and Lisa Cagle

The debate over homosexuality threatens to divide churches. James H. Zahniser and Lisa Cagle use the Wesleyan Quadrilateral to help frame the complexities involved in understanding homosexuality and in developing an authentically Christian response. They argue that thoughtful interpretation of the data from Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience can and perhaps should lead to greater uncertainty concerning many issues under consideration by the contemporary church. However, this uncertainty can lead to greater reliance on discerning the movement of the Spirit, on a love-the-person-first ethic, on repentance of sins against homosexual persons, and on a principled dialogue with fellow believers. Mr. Zahniser is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Greenville College, and Ms. Cagle is a Fulbright Scholarship Student at the University of Oslo, Norway.

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