From Evangelical Tolerance to Imperial Prejudice? Teaching Postcolonial Biblical Studies in a Westernized, Confessional Setting

Kathryn J. Smith

Many confessional colleges and universities encourage diversity among their students and faculty. Yet while affirming diversity, there are sociological hurdles to overcome which rarely are acknowledged or confronted. Within the field of Biblical Studies, Kathryn J. Smith points out that these hurdles include the tendency to limit pedagogical offerings to those methods developed out of the modernist, rationalist presuppositions of the 19th and 20th centuries. In order to create a truly diverse campus climate, however, biblical scholars are urged here to include postcolonial approaches to biblical hermeneutics. These approaches enfranchise and include students and faculty of color, thus contributing to a truly transformational kind of diversity. Ms. Smith is Professor of Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific University.

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