Good Work with Toil: A Paradigm for Redeemed Work

Margaret Diddams and Denise Daniels

Management research in the disciplines of Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Industrial / Organizational Psychology focuses on creating the optimum equilibrium between people and their work contexts. In this essay, Margaret Diddams and Denise Daniels use the Christian themes of creation, fall and redemption as a framework to analyze current management theories, and to prescribe further perspectives on the nature and meaning of work. Concepts derived from creation and the fall are used to evaluate the paradigms undergirding most management theory. They propose another paradigm drawn from the Christian theme of redemption, which provides a coherent approach to work that recognizes the tension between good work as it was intended at creation, and work that has been marred by the fall – that is, “toil.” Ms. Diddams is Professor of Industrial / Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University and Ms. Daniels is Professor of Management at Seattle Pacific University.

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