Barbara J. Hampton Free to be Muslim-Americans: Community, Gender, and Identity in Once in a Promised Land, The Taqwacores, and The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

When we hear that local Muslims have perpetrated terrorist attacks, many Americans worry
whether the "strangers in our midst" will assimilate and become Muslim-Americans. Barbara
J. Hampton argues that an examination of the themes of community, gender, and identity
in three American novels written by Muslims can relieve the worst of our anxieties. The
characters of these novels have drunk deeply at the well of personal choice, so central to
American values and freedom. The discussion of the novels is grounded in recent sociological
data that point to the same reality. A "religious reading" of these texts should lead us not
only to be open to hearing these "previously unheard voices" but also to be more open to
risking Christian engagement with our Muslim neighbors. Ms. Hampton is a retired instructor
at the College of Wooster.



Stanton L. Jones - Psychology and Christianity in 3-D—A Review Essay

Stanton L. Jones is Provost and Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College.



Stewart Goetz - C. S. Lewis on Pleasure and Happiness

In a letter to Canon Quick about his book The Problem of Pain, C. S. Lewis wrote that had he
been writing on the problem of pleasure, the Canon might have found his views too hedonistic.
Hedonism is the view that pleasure alone is intrinsically good and happiness consists of
experiences of pleasure. Lewis was not a hedonist, and although he wrote no work that was
a philosophical treatment of pleasure, Stewart Goetz argues that one can nevertheless reasonably
conclude from what Lewis did say about pleasure that he believed pleasure is intrinsically
good and happiness is composed of experiences of pleasure. Mr. Goetz is Professor of
Philosophy at Ursinus College.

David A. Horner - C. S. Lewis is a Eudaimonist: Response to Goetz

David Horner is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Biblical Studies, Talbot School of
Theology, Biola University.



Grant Wacker - California Dreams—A Review Essay

Grant Wacker is Professor of the History of Religion in America at Duke University.

Darren Dochuk - Response to the Grant Wacker Review of From Bible Belt to Sunbelt

Darren Dochuk is Assistant Professor of History at Purdue University.