Robert C. Bishop and Joshua Carr - In Bondage to Reason: Evidentialist Atheism and Its Assumptions

Robert C. Bishop and Joshua Carr describe and critique a number of assumptions found in
recent books by atheist authors arguing against God's existence. Several of these assumptions
are shared widely by Christians and may be adversely influencing our own work.
Mr. Bishop is Associate Professor of Physics and Philosophy and the John and Madeline
McIntyre Professor of Philosophy and History of Science at Wheaton College. Mr. Carr is a
graduate student in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Joshua J. Stigall - "His Studie was but Litel on the Bible": Materialism and Misreading in Chaucer's Physician's Tale

Joshua J. Stigall notes that because Chaucer's Physician's Tale is generally considered the
least interesting tale in the Canterbury Tales it has not received critical engagement on the
scale that other tales, like the Wife of Bath and the Knight, have received. Moreover, when
the tale is discussed, Chaucer's characterization of the Physician in the General Prologue
does not play a prominent role in the interpretation of his tale. This article explores both
how Chaucer's characterization of the Physician in the General Prologue and the Physician's
misinterpretation of his sources shows him as one whose story is suspect. Mr. Stigall is Assistant
Professor of New Testament at Briercrest College and Seminary.

Noah Toly - Risk and Responsibility in Global Environmental Governance

The fundamental problems of global environmental governance are scarcity (a relative lack
of resources with which to satisfy our relatively abundant goals), tragedy (the necessity of
choosing between competing goods or rights, a corollary of scarcity), and risk (a measure
of the likelihood of a tragic outcome). This article by Noah Toly examines the origins and
implications of these problems and, drawing upon the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on
responsible action, frames a response grounded in Christian theology and ethics. Mr. Toly
is Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations and Director of Urban Studies
at Wheaton College.



Mark A. Noll - A Free People's Suicide—A Review Essay

Mark A. Noll is the Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre

Os Guinness - Response to Mark Noll's Review of A Free People's Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future

Os Guinness, a graduate of Oxford University, is an author and social critic. He lives with
his wife Jenny in the Washington DC area.