Theme Issue: The Global Face of Christian Higher Education
Joel Carpenter (Calvin College) and Janel Curry (Gordon College), guest editors


Perry L. Glanzer - Dispersing the Light: The Status of Christian Higher Education around the Globe

Perry L. Glanzer notes that over the past two decades institutional growth in Christian higher
education has slowed to a trickle in the West, but in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa it has
taken off. The remarkable vigor and growth of Christianity in the global South and East is an
obvious driver behind the rise of new Christian universities. Drawing upon a recently compiled
database of Christian colleges and universities, this article examines the current state
of Christian higher education around the world and evaluates how it is faring in the light of
larger trends in Christian and global higher education. Mr. Glanzer is Associate Professor of
Educational Foundations at Baylor University.

Naomi Ludeman Smith - (Re)Considering a Critical Ethnorelative Worldview Goal and Pedagogy for Global and Biblical Demands in Christian Higher Education

Today's world demands that we prepare learners to confront worldview implications for
living in a multicultural and pluralistic world. One way we are doing this is through crosscultural
programs, domestically and internationally. While Christian higher education is
increasing the number of students in these programs, Naomi Ludeman Smith, D.Min., asks
if our institutions can show satisfying results that our students are developing the sophisticated
skills necessary to navigate complex cross-cultural, cross-religious relationships. She
asserts that we must reconsider our pedagogy to mentor students toward critical and biblical
ethnorelative worldview development. Then she offers methods to support this learning.
Ms. Smith is an Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies in the Anthropology, Sociology
and Reconciliation Studies Department at Bethel University, St. Paul, MN.

Rachel Hostetter Smith - Art as Invitation: Considering New Paradigms for Scholarship and Global Engagement through the Charis Exhibit

Until recently, art has commonly been treated as ancillary to the educational mission and
intellectual discourse that are at the core of Christian higher education. Using the exhibition
Charis: Boundary Crossings—Neighbors, Strangers, Family, Friends as a case study, Curator and
Project Director Rachel Hostetter Smith argues that art has a distinct capacity to serve as
a highly effective vehicle for engagement and interaction with the complex and sometimes
sensitive issues of our time, especially when it is coupled with strategic programming
designed specifically for that purpose. Situating the case within currents of the economic,
cultural, and religious shifts to the global East and South, art is shown to provide surprisingly
rich and varied opportunities for global education and scholarship. Ms. Smith is Gilkison
Professor of Art History at Taylor University and Artistic Director of Project R5: A Visual
Arts Seminar and Studio in South Africa.

Amos Yong - Evangelical Paideia Overlooking the Pacific Rim: On the Opportunities and Challenges of Globalization for Christian Higher Education

What does it mean to do Christian higher education in global context? More specifically, what
does this entail for specifically evangelical projects in higher education? Part of the answer
to this question involves engaging in dialogue with non-Western traditions of education.
This essay by Amos Yong is motivated by the challenges and possibilities attending such
conversations and provides a case study exploring how East Asian educational philosophies,
in particular those informed by the long history of Confucian educational models and
practices, are conducive for a globally engaged evangelical approach to higher education.
Yong looks specifically at educational goals and pedagogical strategies for an evangelical
Paideia overlooking the Pacific Rim. He is J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology and
Dean, School of Divinity, at Regent University.



Steven R. Guthrie - From Memory to Imagination—A Review Essay

Steven R. Guthrie is Associate Professor of Religion at Belmont University.

C. Randall Bradley - Response to Response to Review of From Memory to Imagination: Reforming the Church's Music

C. Randall Bradley is the Ben H. Williams Professor of Music at Baylor University, where he
is also the Director of the Center for Christian Music Studies and the Church Music Program.



Stephen C. Johnson, Jason M. Morris, Kristina M. Davis, and Jeffrey O. Haseltine - Global Christianity: Examining the
Role of Christian Higher Education in the Changing Landscape— A Review Essay

Stephen C. Johnson is Dean, Honors College, at Abilene Christian University. Jason M.
Morris is Associate Dean, Honors College, at Abilene Christian University. Kristina M.
Davis is Assistant Professor of Honors Studies and Communication at Abilene Christian
University. Jeffrey O. Haseltine is Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Associate
Dean, College of Education and Human Services, at Abilene Christian University.