William F. Cox, Jr. - Inconclusive Teacher Impact Research: A Biblical Interpretation

For all the credence given to the fact that teachers impact student learning, research has yet
to pinpoint the exact nature of this supposed causal connection. The veracity of this crucial
connection is affirmed both biblically and intuitively but not prescriptively or empirically.
After an extensive review of the literature, in this article William F. Cox proposes a biblically
based paradigm rooted in human relationship qualities rather than instructional techniques
per se to guide instructional practices. Mr. Cox is Professor of Education at Regent University.



David Crump - Confessional Mirages and Delusions

As a biblical studies professor at a Reformed, liberal arts college, David Crump has observed
the tendency for Reformed folk to allow debates over confessional interpretations to stand in
place of a robust engagement with Scripture. Crump’s own denomination requires all church
leaders, including college faculty, to sign a pledge called the “Covenant for Officebearers,”
a statement demanding that they “promise to be formed and governed,” not by the word of
God, but by the confessions – as if only the Bible needed interpretation. The damage done
by this transfer of spiritual authority from Holy Scripture to the confessions is illustrated
and critiqued. Mr. Crump is Professor of Religion at Calvin College.



R. Gary Chiang and Evelyn M. White - A Theologically Based Biological Challenge to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary

Jack Mulder Jr. challenged Christians to accept the Immaculate Conception of Mary (“Why
More Christians Should Believe in Mary’s Immaculate Conception,” Christian Scholar’s Review
41.2 [2012]:117-134) because it provided the psychological freedom for her to consent to the
Incarnation. In this paper R. Gary Chiang and Evelyn M. White take up this challenge by
showing that any ovum is biologically isolated from the stain of original sin and that this
stain can be inherited through the sperm. Thus, the physiology of reproduction provides a
mechanism for the Incarnation without contravening the laws of nature, and occurs regardless
of Mary’s psychological state. Mr. Chiang is Professor of Biology at Redeemer University
College, and Ms. White, a retired nurse, founded the Arthur C. Custance online library.

Jack Mulder, Jr. - A Response to Chiang and White on the Immaculate Conception

Jack Mulder, Jr. is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Hope College.



Jeffrey P. Bouman - Who is My Neighbor? Musings on Christian Higher Education and the “Solidarity of the Vulnerable”—A Review Essay

Jeffrey P. Bouman is the Director of the Service-Learning Center at Calvin College.

Todd C. Ream - Reviving Sophia: The Search for Transcendent Wisdom—A Review Essay

Todd C. Ream is Professor of Higher Education at Taylor University, a research fellow with
Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion, and the co-author (along with Perry L.
Glanzer) most recently of The Idea of a Christian College: A Reexamination for Today’s University
(Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2013).