Don W. King - Reflection: On Reading

For sixteen years Don W. King has served as Editor of the Christian Scholar’s Review. In the
second of three short reflections as he completes his service to CSR effective May 1, 2015, he
reflects upon how a teacher and poet influenced his life as a scholar. Mr. King is Professor
of English at Montreat College.


Steven D. Boyer and Walter B. Huddell III - Mathematical Knowledge and Divine Mystery: Augustine and his Contemporary Challengers

Christians have been active in philosophy of mathematics in recent years, but Steven D.
Boyer and Walter B. Huddell III argue that the classical work of Augustine of Hippo in this
field has been largely misunderstood or distorted even by its supposed advocates. This essay
corrects that distortion and shows how the traditional Augustinian awareness of God’s
incomprehensible mystery allows both a deeply Christian resolution to some perennial issues
in mathematical ontology and also a surprisingly productive engagement with a contemporary
anti-Christian alternative. Mr. Boyer is Professor of Theology and Mr. Huddell is Associate
Professor of Mathematics at Eastern University.

David A. Hoekema - Spiritual Realities Made Audible and Visible: An Appreciation of the Music of Benjamin Britten

Twentieth century English composer Benjamin Britten demonstrated an unusual capacity
to evoke transcendent dimensions of reality. In this essay David A. Hoekema argues that
certain works for accompanied solo voices and some non-operatic stage works achieve
an intensity of musical and emotional expression that seem to encompass both divine
and human realms. Examples of this dimension of Britten’s work can be found not only
in selected compositions from several stages of his career but also in a 2012 feature film
in which one of Britten’s compositions played a central role: the film was Wes Anderson’s
Moonrise Kingdom, the work Britten’s church drama Noyes Fludde. Mr. Hoekema is Professor
of Philosophy at Calvin College.


Steve L. Porter, Felicia Heykoop, Barbara Miller, and Todd Pickett - Spiritual Formation and the Social Justice Turn

As Christ-followers become increasingly active in social justice, what is motivating their
efforts? Steve L. Porter argues that the sustainability of Christian social action is ultimately
dependent on receptivity to the energizing presence of Christ. Felicia Heykoop, Barbara
Miller, and Todd Pickett each reflect on the practicalities of implementing such a model
in a college, student-learning environment. Mr. Porter is Associate Professor of Theology
and Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola
University. Ms. Heykoop is a graduate of Biola University, where Ms. Miller is the Director
of Christian Formation and Ministry and Mr. Pickett is the Dean of Student Development.


Mark David Hall - A Failed Attempt in Partisan Scholarship—An Extended Review

Mark David Hall is Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Politics and Faculty Fellow
in the William Penn Honors Program at George Fox University.


Rick Kennedy - The New American Hagiography: Academically Responsible Biography of Holy Persons—A Review Essay

Rick Kennedy is the secretary of the Conference on Faith and History and Professor of
History at Point Loma Nazarene University. His The First American Evangelical: A Short Life
of Cotton Mather
is to be published by Eerdmans in the spring of 2015.