Nathan F. Alleman, Perry L. Glanzer, and David S. Guthrie - The Integration of Christian Theological Traditions into the Classroom: A Survey of CCCU Faculty

Recently, the distinctive role that Christianity plays in shaping teaching has become an
important focus of conversation in Christian higher education. To help provide an empirical
understanding of current practices, Nathan F. Alleman, Perry L. Glanzer, and David S.
Guthrie drew upon a survey of 2,309 faculty at 48 institutions in the Council for Christian
Colleges and Universities. Overall, they found that Christian professors integrate their
particular theological tradition into their course objectives in eight different ways. In this
article, they describe these eight approaches and suggest that weaving these various approaches
together, and not practicing them in isolation, will create a robust and sophisticated
approach to Christian teaching. Nathan F. Alleman is Assistant Professor of Higher Education
and Student Affairs at Baylor University, Perry L. Glanzer is Professor of Educational
Foundations at Baylor University, and David S. Guthrie is Associate Professor of Higher
Education at The Pennsylvania State University


Jack R. Baker and Jeffrey Bilbro - Putting Down Roots: Why Universities Need Gardens

Wendell Berry’s agrarian vision challenges the disintegrated, industrial model of higher
education that prevails in our culture. Berry’s hope for the recovery of the university rests
upon three requirements: an imagination guided by a unified organization of knowledge; a
common, communal language; and responsible work. A university that embodies and unites
these three principles might provide students with a rooted education, one that would form
fully developed humans capable of serving their places. Working in a campus garden may
seem unimportant, but Jack R. Baker and Jeffrey Bilbro argue that such simple practices
can foster responsible connections to our place and educate students in unified forms of
wisdom. Dr. Baker and Dr. Bilbro teach English at Spring Arbor University.


Bethany Keeley-Jonker and Craig Mattson - Stop Talking that Way! An Affective Approach to Uncanny Speech in the Christian College Classroom

Bethany Keeley-Jonker and Craig Mattson notice that some of their best speech students
practice a delivery so controlled it feels uncanny. This essay traces such “zombie speech” not
to students’ worldview assumptions but to affective norms in conventional speech pedagogy.
The essay appropriates Christian theology to reorient the practice of speech in keeping with
a newly identified value: “immanent publicity.” Ms. Keeley-Jonker is an Assistant Professor,
and Mr. Mattson a Professor, both of Communication Arts at Trinity Christian College.



Bryan C. Hollon - The Ethics of Everyday Life: Moral Theology, Social Anthropology, and the Imagination of the Human—
An Extended Review

Bryan C. Hollon is Professor of Theology at Malone University.



Hans Madueme - Adam and Eve: An Evangelical Impasse?—A Review Essay

Hans Madueme is Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Covenant College.