Stephen V. Monsma - What is an Evangelical? And Does It Matter?


Judith Anderson - Doers of the Word: Shakespeare, Macbeth, and the Epistle of James

William Shakespeare’s references to biblical material have been much written about, but
little attention has been given to a connection between Macbeth and the New Testament
Epistle of James. James addresses issues common to secular and sacred literature—issues
such as the nature of wisdom, the conditions of unity, the difference between appearance
and reality, a reason and remedy for suffering, and the volatile involvement of language
in each of these discussions. The themes, diction, and causation claims of James’s Epistle
find their representations in the characterization and plot of Macbeth so consistently as
to warrant reading the play as a midrash, or creative application and embellishment, of
James’s Epistle. Without damaging the multivocal impulses and philosophical quandaries
of Macbeth, a midrashic reading dispels some indefensible murk and sheds some light on the
playwright who trusted this ancient Christian’s perspective on human and divine natures.
Judith Anderson taught English at Chatham High School in New Jersey for 20 years. She
lives in Plainfield, N.J.



Michael Kugler - The Faun Beneath the Lamppost: When Christian Scholars Talk About the Enlightenment

A wide range of contemporary Christian scholarship claims that a history of Enlightenment
ethical thought, social science and epistemology is the first step to exposing the inadequacies
of modern accounts of the good life. Michael Kugler argues instead that their attempts
at critical historical analysis and explanation are unconvincing. Their narrative arguments
are built on highly selective readings from that age. The Enlightenment legacy suggests not
so much a secular rationalist arrogance than the cultivation of intellectual humility. This
might be a first step out of some of the apparent misunderstandings haunting many of our
conversations about modernity, theology and ethics. Mr. Kugler teaches history at Northwestern
College in Iowa.




Brandon M. Hoover - The Limited Campus Garden: A Response to “Putting Down Roots: Why Universities Need Gardens”

Brandon M. Hoover is the Director of Sustainability at Messiah College.


Jack R. Baker and Jeffrey Bilbro - Response to Brandon M. Hoover




Jeremy Scott Case - Mathematics without Apologies—An Extended Review

Jeremy Scott Case is professor of Mathematics at Taylor University and president of the
Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences.


Stephen Westich - Modern Art and the Life of a Culture and The Forge of Vision—An Extended Review

Stephen Westich is a Ph.D. student in art history at Rice University.