Announcement of Theme Issues and Call for Papers

2006: Call for Papers: The Good, the True, and the Beautiful: The Future of Values

The editors of the Christian Scholar's Review invite submissions from the arts, sciences, humanities, social sciences, and professions for a theme issue that explores the future of values. This theme issue is scheduled for publication in Summer 2006.

How do we preserve the cognitive knowledge and aesthetic achievements we have acquired and build on these if the culture no longer has a basis for judging between ideas? One of the insights of our age that people have increasingly recognized is that knowledge is multi-dimensional. Without a basis for judging and comparing ideas, however, the pursuit of knowledge and the gains of culture are threatened. The modern period made the mistake of reducing knowledge to facts, but the postmodern age has the tendency to confuse knowledge with information, and in its use of the World Wide Web, information is traded for data.

Articles might pursue several important streams of thought that have appeared in different disciplines in recent years. Physicists, chemists, and mathematicians have realized for some time that beauty does not belong to the arts alone, but that it presents a standard for evaluating scientific theory. At the same time, beauty no longer holds the position it once held for evaluating the arts. In recent years, a renewed interest in natural law has captured the imagination of philosophers and ethicists. Theologians and biologists have turned their attention to the “problem of love” and what it might tell us about the nature of the universe and what might lie behind the universe. While these issues have a philosophical dimension, they must be worked out in the context of specific disciplines.

Articles should be submitted via email (as Word attachments) to the guest editor, Harry Lee Poe, at Discussion on the appropriateness of manuscript topics is recommended and encouraged by contacting the guest editor at his email address or at Union University, 1050 Union University Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 38305.  Submission deadline is October 15, 2005.

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