Announcement of Theme Issues and Call for Papers

2008: Call for Papers: The Iron Cage Unchained: Christian Perspectives on Business in the Post-Modern Age

The editors of the Christian Scholar's Review invite submissions from the arts, sciences, humanities, social sciences, and professions for a theme issue  that explores the foundations of business in the post-industrial economy. This theme issue is scheduled for publication in Summer 2008.

Max Weber lamented over a century ago that the context in which industrial age economic organizations operate emphasizes a technical and cultural rationalization focusing on the material at the expense of the super -material. The pursuit of material rewards in the modern economy has left little room for a spiritual or theological approach to understand work and business. More recently, scholars and practitioners are beginning to focus attention on the tremendous human cost of myopic materialism, and there is growing interest in the secular business academy in both spirituality and alternative foundations for capitalism, business and organizations. As yet, however, the recent renaissance in Christian scholarship has not much touched the business disciplines, and it remains for such insights to be elaborated.

It is our contention that an articulated Christian worldview is incomplete without an understanding of business enterprise and the people who operate within these organizations. What is now wanting is greater examination from all areas of Christian scholarship that will shine biblical light on business processes.

As business and commerce affect all people and all disciplines, we encourage contributions from various perspectives. While we certainly expect and encourage contributions from business thinkers in this issue, we similarly value contributions from those who understand businesses to be historical, sociological and anthropological phenomena (e.g. Max Weber), business processes to be scientific, political and psychological phenomena (e.g. Frederick Taylor), and business itself to be a philosophical and spiritual endeavor (e.g. Miroslav Volf). Articles might also pursue streams of thought that relate to any of the various business disciplines, including management, leadership, marketing, finance, and even quantitative disciplines such as operations management and accounting.

Issue Editors are Dr. Rick Martinez of Cedarville University (, and Dr. Kenman Wong of Seattle Pacific University ( Articles should be submitted via email (as Word attachments) to the lead guest editor,  Dr. Rick Martinez. Early discussion on the appropriateness of manuscript topics is recommended and encouraged by contacting either guest editors by email address or by phone (Martinez – 937-766-4993; Wong – 206-281-2353).  Submission deadline is September 15, 2007.

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