Call for Papers: 2010-2011

The Christian Scholar’s Review, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, seeks articles of high standards of original scholarship and general interest dealing with all areas of scholarly interest. CSR was created by and is supported by Christian colleges and universities in order to stimulate and nurture a lively atmosphere of intellectual inquiry and scholarly communication among those who seek to pursue an academic calling as followers of Christ. Specifically, CSR has as its primary objective the integration of Christian faith and learning within and among the disciplines. As a secondary objective, the journal seeks to provide a forum for the discussion of the theoretical issues of Christian higher education.

Volume 39 (Fall 2009-Summer 2010) reflected the interdisciplinary character of the journal as the following representative articles indicate: “Sacramentalism in the Poetry of Philip Larkin,” “Learning in a Time of (Cultural) War: Indoctrination in Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project,” “A Slippery Slope to Secularization? An Empirical Analysis of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities,” “Looking at Nature through Other Eyes: God’s Governance of Nature in the Religion-Science Debate,” “The Theology of Work and the Work of Christian Scholars,” “Moving Beyond Value- or Virtue- Added: Transforming Colleges and Universities for Redemptive Moral Development,” “Teaching Philosophy: Instilling Pious Wonder or Vicious Curiosity?”, “Critical Thinking or Just Critical?: Reintroducing Humility to the Literature Classroom,” and “Moral Education: Too Little, Too Late?” In addition, CSR published six review essays and forty-six book reviews.

Manuscripts submitted for review should follow The Chicago Manual of Style; specific information for contributors is published in the first issue of each volume. Manuscripts should be sent in electronic format (MSWord or WordPerfect) to Don W. King (, Editor, Christian Scholar’s Review, Department of English, P. O. Box, 1267, Montreat College, Montreat, NC, 28757.

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