Author Name Article Name Volume (#) Volume Issue
Aay, Henk Geography's Cultural Landscape School: A Reformational Reading 31 XXXI 4
Abou-Zeid, Bassem The North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico: A Biblical Perspective 24 XXIV 2
Abrahmson, R. L. The Silence of Mature Prayer 24 XXIV 3
Adams, Charles C.  Technology From a Christian Perspective: An Evaluation of Albert Borgmann's Power Failure and Egbert Schuurman's Faith and Hope in Technology 33 XXXIII 4
Adams, Lawrence E. Foundtions for Post-Cold War International Justice: Creation, Polyarchy, and Realism 27 XXVII 1
Adams, Lawrence E. Christians and Public Culture in an Age of Ambivalence 30 XXX 1
Aiken, David W. God's Goodness: Axiomati for Theism? 27 XXVII 2
Aiken, David W. Why I am Not a Physicalist: A Dialogue, a Meditation, and a Cumulative Critique 33 XXXIII 2
Aiken, David W. Bernard Lonergan's Critique of Reductionism: A Call to Intellectual Conversion 41 XLI 3
Albright, John R. The Story of the Triune God: Time and Eternity in Robert Jenson's Theology 26 XXVI 1
Alleman, Nathan F., Perry L. Glanzer, & David S. Guthrie The Integration of Christian Theological Traditions into the Classroom: A Survey of CCCU Faculty 45 XLV 2
Allen, Daniel R. The Only Way to Win: The enduring Problem of Nuclear Deterrence 44 XLIV 4
Allen, Diogenes The End of the Modern World 22 XXII 4
Allen, Diogenes Christianity and the Creed of Postmodernism 23 XXIII 2
Ammerman, Nancy T. Christian Scholarship in Sociology: Twentieth Century Trends and Twenty-First Centry Opportunities 29 XXIX 4
Amstutz, Mark R. The Morality of SDI 18 XVIII 1
Amstutz, Mark R. Religion and Politics in South Africa: Christian Churches During the Apartheid Era 25 XXV 1
Anderson, Douglas Firth Wisdom, Vanity, and 'Lessons' from History 27 XXVII 1
Anderson, Ray S. Theology as Rationality 4 IV 2
Anderson, Vincent P. Emily Dickinson and the Disappearance of God 11 XI 1
Andrews, Allan R. Bonhoeffer's Psychology: Humanistic Ally or Christian Corrective? 4 IV 1
Anglin, W. S. Chastity 10 X 4
Anglin, W. S. Simplician's Reply to Augustine 19 XIX 3
Ansell, Nicholas John The Call of Wisdom/The Voice of the Serpent: A Canonical Approach to the Tree of Knowledge 31 XXXI 1
Arnold, Richard A "Veil of Interposing Night": The Hymns of Anne Steele (1717-1778) 18 XVIII 4
Babbage, Stuart Barton A Question of Color 1 I 1
Babbage, Stuart Barton C. S. Lewis and the Humanitarian Theorgy of Punishment 2 II 3
Backfish, Elizabeth "My God is a Rock in a Weary Land": A Comparison of the Cries and Hopes of the Psalms and African American Slave Spirituals 42 XLII 1
Bacote, Vincent Abraham Kuyper's Rhetorical Public Theology with Implications for Faith and Learning 37 XXXVII 4
Baer, Marc An Infinite Diversity: Religion and Pseudoreligion in Modern Britain 18 XVIII 4
Bailey, Justin Discerning the Body in Cyberspace" Jaron Lanier, Merleau-Ponty, and the Norms of Embodiment 45 XLV 3
Bailey, Michael E. & Kristen Lindholm Tocqueville and the Rhetoric of Civil Religion in the Presidential Inaugural Addresses 32 XXXII 3
Bailey, Michael G. Don't Do That To the Constitution 28 XXVIII 1
Baker, Jack R. & Jeffrey Bilbro Putting Down Roots: Why Universities Need Gardens 45 XLV 2
Baldwin, Helene L. The Theme of the Pilgrim in the Works of Samuel Beckett 8 VIII 3
Baldwin, John T. The Argument from Sufficient Initial System Organization as a Continuing Challenge to the Darwinian Rate and Method of Transitional Evolution 24 XXIV 4
Ball, Jim Evangelicals, Population, and the Ecological Crisis 28 XXVIII 2
Ballard, Bruce On the Sin of Usury: A Biblical Economic Ethic 24 XXIV 2
Ballard, Bruce James, Our Contemporary 33 XXXIII 2
Ballor, Jordan J. Bonhoeffer in America 37 XXXVII 4
Ballor, Jordan J. Affluence Agonistes 45 XLV 3
Bandstra, Barry Translating Torah 27 XXVII 3
Barcus, Nancy Emerson, Calvinism, and Aunt Mary Moody Emerson: An Irrepressible Defender of New England Orthodoxy 7 VII 2,3
Barge, Laura Beckett's Metaphysics and Christian Thought: A Comparison 20 XX 1
Barker, Nicholas P. Reflections on Language Arts 5 V 1
Barkman, Adam "All is Righteousness and there is no Equality": C.S. Lewis on Gender and Justice 36 XXXVI 4
Barkman, Adam "We Must Go Back to Our Bibles": A Reply to Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen 36 XXXVI 4
Barkman, Adam A New Philosophy of Darkness 39 XXXIX 3
Barrett, Christopher B. Markets, Social Norms, and Governments in the Service of Envrionmentally Sustainable Economic Development: The Pluralistic Stewardship Approach 29 XXIX 3
Barrigar, Chris "Thick" Christian Discourse in the Academy: A Case Study with Jurgen Habermas 34 XXXIV 3
Basinger, David Miracles and Apologetics: A Response 9 IX 4
Basinger, David Voting One's Christian Conscience 15 XV 2
Basinger, David Gender Roles, Scripture and Science: Some Clarifications 17 XVII 3
Basinger, David Hauerwas on the Problem of Evil: A Response 18 XVIII 3
Basinger, David Can an Evangelical Christian Justifiably Deny God's Exhaustive Knowledge of the Future? 25 XXV 2
Basinger, Randall Evangelicals and Process Theism: Seeking a Middle Ground 15 XV 2
Basney, Lionel Ecology and the Scriptural Concept of the Master 3 III 1
Basney, Lionel The Balanced Mind: Johnson's Christian Empiricism 3 III 3
Beaty, Michael & Anne-Marie Bowery Cultivating Christian Citizenship: Martha Nussbaum's Socrates, Augustine's Confessions, and the Modern University 33 XXXIII 1
Beed, Clive & Cara Beed An Evangelical Christian Response to Naturalistic Social Science 34 XXXIV 1
Beed, Clive & Cara Beed Assisting the Poor to Work: A Biblical Interpretation 40 XL 1
Begbie, Jeremy The Theological Potential of Music: A Reponse To Adrienne Dengrink Chaplin 33 XXXIII 1
Benson, Bruce Ellis The End of the Fantastic Dream: Testifying to the Truth in the "Post" Condition  30 XXX 2
Beversluis, Eric A Critique of Ronald Nash on Economic Justice and the State 11 XI 4
Bibza, James Who Then can be Saved?  An Examination of Three Recent Evangelical Books That Wrestle with the Issues Surrounding Salvation 35 XXXV 3
Birnie, J. Esmond Utilitarian Economics: A Theory of Immoral Sentiments? 29 XXIX 1
Bishop, Robert C. & Joshua Carr In Bondage to Reason: Evidentialist Atheism and Its Assumptions 42 XLII 3
Bjelland, Mark D. Until Justice and Stewardship Embrace: Or, How a Geographer Thinks About Brownfield Sites 31 XXXI 4
Bloesch, Donald G. Reply to Randy Maddox 18 XVIII 3
Bloom, John A. On Human Origins: A Survey 27 XXVII 2
Boivin, Michael J. On the Horns of a Dilemma or at the Horn of the Altar: An Introduction to This Theme Issue 26 XXVI 4
Boivin, Michael J. Finding God in Prozac or Finding Prozac in God: Preserving a Christian View of the Person Amidst a Biopsychological Revolution 32 XXXII 2
Boivin, Michael J. Response to Kathleen H. Storm 33 XXXIII 1
Bolyanatz, Alexander H. Biology and the New Modernism in Twenty-First Century Social Science 30 XXX 4
Booker, James A. Burrenmatt's Concept of Justice 6 VI 4
Borgman, Paul Story Shapes That Tell a World: Biblical, Homeric, and Modern Narrative 9 IX 4
Boston, Rosemary The Variable Heart in Donne's Sermons 2 II 1
Bouman, Jeffrey P. Who is My Neighbor? Musings on Christian Higher Education and the "Solidarity of the Vulnerable" 43 XLIII 3
Bouma-Prediger, Steven Is Christianity Responsible for the Ecological Crisis? 25 XXV 2
Bouma-Prediger, Steven & Brian Walsh Education for Homelessness or Homemaking? The Christian College in a Postmodern Culture 32 XXXII 3
Bouma-Prediger, Steven & Brian Walsh Response: If It Ain't broke, Don't Fix It: A Reply to Robin Klay and John Lunn 33 XXXIII 4
Bowden, Geoffrey C. Piety and Property: Locke and the Development of American Protestantism 37 XXXVII 3
Boyer, Steven D. & Walter B. Huddell III Mathematical Knowledge and Divine Mystery: Augustine and his Contemporary Challengers 44 XLIV 3
Boyle, Joseph, Jr., J. Hubbard, & Thomas D. Sullivan The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology: A Catholic Perspective 11 XI 3
Braden, Kathleen E. On Saving the Wilderness: Why Christian Stewardship is not Sufficient 28 XXVIII 2
Braden, Kathleen E. Exploring the Notion of "Good" in Sack's Geographic Theory of Morality 31 XXXI 4
Bradley, C. Randall Response to Review of From Memory to Imagination: Reforming the Church's Music 42 XLII 4
Bradley, Ritamary Patristic Background of the Motherhood Similitude in Julian of Norwich 8 VIII 2
Breckenridge, James The Respectful Bodhisattva and the Crucified Christ 22 XXII 1
Bretsen, Steven N. The Creation, the Kingdom of God, and a Theory of the Faithful Corporation 38 XXXVIII 1
Brown, Delwin Rethinking Authority from the Right: A Critical Review of Clark Pinnock's Scripture Principle 19 XIX 1
Brown, Larry A. Ring Around the Collar: American Comedy and the Clergy 20 XX 4
Browning, Mark The Hermits of Distance Education: Toward a Broader Commitment to Online Learners 33 XXXIII 4
Bruce, F. F. Jesus and Radical Social Change 2 II 1
Brunner, Daniel L. Using "Hybrid" Effectively in Christian Higher Education 36 XXXVI 2
Bulten, Tom Community and Propinquity of Church Members 31 XXXI 4
Burke, Robert R. Touched with Hallowed Fire: The Christmas Sermons of Lancelot Andrews 5 V 3
Burwell, Ronald J. A Note to My Respondents 10 X 3
Burwell, Ronald J. Sleeping With an Elephant: The Uneasy Alliance Between Christian Faith and Sociology 10 X 3
Bush, Randall B. A Tale of Two Scriptures: Jewish-Christian and Islamic Paradigms of Scripture and Their Impact on Culture 34 XXXIV 3
Bynagle, Hans E. Debating Soul, Body, and Survival--A Review Essay 32 XXXII 1
Caddell, David B. & David A. Diekema The Chimera of Virtual Place: False Dichotomies Never Apply 32 XXXII 1
Callahan, James Looking for a Jesus to Follow 30 XXX 3
Cameron, Nigel M de S. Bioethics and the Challenge of the Post-Consensuses Society 23 XXIII 3
Cameron, Nigel M de S. A Response 23 XXIII 3
Camery-Hoggatt, James God in the Plot: Sotrytelling and the Many-Sided Truth of the Christian Faith 35 XXXV 4
Campbell, David Church-State Separation and Competing Political Ideals: The Promise of Value-Based Community Organizing 17 XVII 1
Campbell, Douglas G. Response to Daniel A. Siedell's "Art and the Practice of Evangelical Faith--A Review Essay 34 XXXIV 4
Cantrell, Akiyo M. Remembering Hiroshima: The Construction of Communal Memory 44 XLIV 4
Caputo, John D. Hermeneutics and Faith: A Response to Professor Olthuis 20 XX 2
Castle, Alred L.  Christian Realist Values and W. R. Castle, Jr's Opposition to Intervention, 1939-1941 20 XX 4
Cerillo, Augustus Jr. A Survey of Recent Evangelical Social Thought 5 V 3
Cerling, C. E. Jr. Abortion and Contraception in Scripture 2 II 1
Chambers, Karl D. Swift and the Trampling Dutch 3 III 1
Chandler, David H. Energy: Toward More Ethical Alternatives 11 XI 2
Chaplin, Adrienne Dengerink with Chris Cuthill, Cyril Cuerette, Estelle Joubert, Michael De Moor, and Carol Olson The Theological Potential of Music: An Evaluation of Jeremy Begbie's Theology, Music and Time 33 XXXIII 1
Chaplin, Jonathan Rejecting Neutrality, Respecting Diversity: From "Liberal Pluralism" to "Christian Pluralism" 35 XXXV 2
Charles, J. Daryl Truth, Tolerance, and Christian Conviction: Reflections on a Perennial Question 36 XXXVI 2
Chiang, R. Gary & Evelyn M. White A Theologically Based Biological Challenge to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary 43 XLIII 3
Christians, Clifford G. A Cultural View of Mass Communications: Some Explorations for Christans 7 VII 1
Christopher, Joe R. Gender Hierarchies and Lowerarchies: A Response to Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen and Adam Barkman 36 XXXVI 4
Cioffi, Todd V. & Peter J. Snyder A Response to "Reimagining Business Education as Character Formation" 45 XLV 1
Clark, Gordon H. A Semi-Defense of Francis Schaeffer 11 XI 2
Clark, Tom C. & Richard E. Morgan The Supreme Court and Religion 4 IV 1
Clendenin, Daniel B. From the Verbal to the Visual: Orthodox Icons and the Sanctification of Sight 25 XXV 1
Clouse, Robert G. The New Christian Right, America, and the Kingdom of God 12 XII 1
Clowney, Edmund P. The Christian College and the Transformation of Culture 1 I 1
Collins, Kenneth J. Children of Neglect: American Methodist Evangelicals 20 XX 1
Conyers, A.J. Can Postmodernism Be Used as a Template for Christian Theology? 33 XXXIII 3
Cook, Harry and Wood, John R. Looking at Nature Through Other Eyes: God's Governance of Nature in the Religion-Science Debate 39 XXXIX 3
Copeland, Tom Hobbit Hermeneutics: Politics and Philosophy in J.R.R. Tolkien's Prose 45 XLV 1
Coppenger, Mark Vocation and World Hunger 12 XII 3
Corduan, Winfried God in the Early Twenty-first Century: Ayodhya as Case Study 34 XXXIV 2
Counelis, James Steven The American Christian University: A Position Paper 2 II 3
Counelis, James Steven The Higher the Learning and the Metaphor of Liturgy 17 XVII 2
Cox, John D. Darwin's Revolution from Hume's Perspective 6 VI 1
Cox, William F., Jr. Inconclusive Teacher Impact Research: A Biblical Interpretation 43 XLIII 3
Cramer, David C. Recovering the Christian Practive of Dying: A Response to Stanley Hauerwas' "Finite Care in a World of Infinite Need" 41 XLI 4
Crump, David Confessional Mirages and Delusions 43 XLIII 3
Curtis, Edward M. Old Testament Wisdom: A Model for Faith-Learning Integration 15 XV 3
Daigle-Williamson, Marsha Tradition and Lewis's Individual Talent 27 XXVII 4
Daigle-Williamson, Marsha Dante: A New Pauline Apostle? 40 XL 1
Davis, Christian Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been? The Temporality of Spirituality in Satanic Temptation Narratives 29 XXIX 3
Davis, William C. Contra Hart: Christian Scholars Should not Throw in the Towel 34 XXXIV 2
Dayton, Donald W. A Reply 7 VII 2,3
Dayton, Donald W. Rejoinder to Historiography Discussion 23 XXIII 1
Dayton, Donald W. "The Search for the Historical Evangelicalism": George Marsden's History of Fuller Seminary as a Case Study 23 XXIII 1
DeBoer, Peter & Donald Oppewal American Calvinist Day Schools 13 XIII 2
Deiter, Kristen From Church Blessing to Quinceanera Barbie: America as "Spiritual Benefactor" in La Quinceanera 32 XXXII 1
Dekker, James C. Christian Hope for Central America Beyond Historical Culturalism: A Response to Roland Hoksbergen 20 XX 3
Dell'Olio, Andrew J. Multiculturalism and Religious Diversity: A Christian Perspective 25 XXV 4
DePoe, John M. The Self-Defeat of Naturalism: A Critical Comparison of Alvin Plantinga and C.S. Lewis 44 XLIV 1
Desmond, John F. Seamus Heaney as a "Christian" Poet 31 XXXI 1
DeVries, George, Jr. Lessons from an Alternative Culture: The Old Order Amish 10 X 3
deVries, Paul Naturalism in the Natural Sciences: A Christian Perspective 15 XV 4
deVries, Paul Multicfaceted Perspective: A Rejoinder to Nicholas Wolterstorff 16 XVI 1
deVries, Paul The "Hermeneutics" of Alvin Plantinga 18 XVIII 4
deVries, Paul Intellectual Humility and Courage: An Essential Epistemic Tension 19 XIX 2
DeVries, Raymond G. Christian Responsibility in Professional Society: A Reply to Hoitenga 13 XIII 2
DeVries, Robert  Moral Principle and Foreign Policy-Making 6 VI 4
DeVries, Scott Murals, Icons, Movies: Christian Imagery in Mexican Cinema 40 XL 4
DeWitt, Calvin Biogeographic and Trophic Restructuring of the Biosphere: The State of the Earth under Human Domination 32 XXXII 4
Diddams, Margaret & Daniels, Denise Good Wrok with Toil: A Paradigm for Redeemed Work 38 XXXVIII 1
Diddams, Margaret, Lisa Surdyk, Denise Daniels, & Jeff Van Duzer Implications of Biblical Principles of Rhythm and Rest for Individual and Organizational Practices 33 XXXIII 3
Diekema, David & David Caddell The Significance of Place: Sociological Reflections on Distance Learning and Christian Higher Education 31 XXXI 2
Diekema, Douglas S. Abortion and the Language of Morality 17 XVII 2
Dodge, John What has Jerusalem to do with Mecca? 20 XX 4
Dombrowski, Daniel A. Pacifism: A Thorn in the Side of Christianity 9 IX 4
Douglas, Elizabeth A. Leonardo's Last Supper: Some Issues of Interpretation 18 XVIII 1
Downing, David C. The Discarded Mage: Lewis the Scholar-Novalist on Merlin's Moral Taint 27 XXVII 4
Dozeman, Thomas B. Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place 18 XVIII 2
Drake, John M. Should Christians Be Realists?: Context and Conversation with Bradley John Monton 38 XXXVIII 2
Duncan, Robert L. The Problem of Evil: A Comparison of Classical and Biblical Versions 3 III 1
Duncan, Robert L. The Logos: From Sophocles to the Gospel of John 9 IX 2
Duncan, Robert L. The Suffering Servant in Novels by Paton and Biblical Versions 16 XVI 2
Dyck, Bruno A Response to "Reimagining Business Education as Character Formation" 45 XLV 1
Dyck, Bruno; Neubert, Mitchell J. & Wong, Kenman Unchaining Weber's Iron Cage: A Look at What Managers Can Do 38 XXXVIII 1
Dyrness, William A. Caspar David Friedrich: The Aesthetic Expression of Schleiermacer's Romantic Faith 14 XIV 4
Ebersole, Samuel E. & Robert Woods Virtual Community: Koinonia or Compromise? Theological Implications of Community in Cyberspace 31 XXXI 2
Ebertz, Roger P. Beyond Worldview Analysis: Insights from Hans-Georg Gadamer on Christian Scholarship 36 XXXVI 1
Echeverria, Edward J. Rationality and the Theory of Rationality 15 XV 4
Elliot, Mark Hammer and Sickle as Cross: Marxism as Faith 18 XVIII 3
Elzinga, Kenneth G. Comments on J. David Richardson 17 XVII 4
Emerson, Michael Why Racial Reconciliation Alone Cannot End Racial Strife 28 XXVIII 1
Endara, Miguel A. Natural Law, Sexual Anthropology, and Sexual Licitness 42 XLII 2
Erickson, Joyce Quiring Career Education in a Christian Liberal Arts Setting: Some Preliminary Considerations 6 VI 2,3
Erickson, Joyce Quiring The Feminist Challenge to Disciplinary Tradition: An Unsystematic Review 17 XVII 3
Erickson, Richard C. Reconciling Christian Views of Sin and Human Growth with Humanistic Psychology 8 VIII 2
Ericson, Edward E., Jr. Academic Freedom: Keeping it Complex, A Response to Samuel Logan 21 XXI 2
Evans, C. Stephen Separable Souls: Dualism, Selfhood, and the Possibility of Life after Death 34 XXXIV 3
Evans, Craig A. The Historical Jesus and Christian Faith: A Critical Assessment of a Scholarly Problem 18 XVIII 1
Evans, Craig A. Authenticity Criteria in Life of Jesus Research 19 XIX 1
Evans, Craig A. The Third Quest of the Historical Jesus: A Bibliographical Essay 28 XXVIII 4
Evans, Jan E. Kierkegaard and Unamuno's San Manuel Bueno, martir: A Study in the Ethical Life 34 XXXIV 1
Evans, Jan E. Does Miguel de Unamuno's Doubt Keep Him from Faith? Some Considerations with Glances to Pascal and Kierkegaard 40 XL 1
Evans, Stephen C. Christian Perspectives on the Sciences of Man 6 VI 2,3
Evans, Stephen C. Kierkegaard's Attack on Apologetics 10 X 4
Evans, Stephen C. Redeemed Man: The Vision Which Gave Rise to Marxism 13 XIII 2
Evans, Stephen C. Verstehen as Requiring Value-Commitment: A Response to Perkins 16 XVI 2
Evans, Stephen C. The Incarnational Narrative as Myth and History 23 XXIII 4
Evinger, James & Rich Darr Determining the Truth of Abuse in Mission Communities:  A Rejoinder and New Agenda 43 XLIII 4
Feinberg, John Divine Causality and Evil: Is There Anything Which God Does Not Do? 16 XVI 4
Fellowes, Peter Ladders to the Empyrean 10 X 1
Fendt, Gene The Idea of Christian Tragedy 26 XXVI 3
Finger, Thomas New Directions in Christian Theology: Voices from the Third World 7 VII 3
Fletcher, David B. Is There a Right to Health Care? 16 XVI 3
Fletcher, David B. Christian Social Justice and Rawl's Liberalism 19 XIX 3
Floyd, Shawn Morally Serious Pedagogy 36 XXXVI 3
Ford, Lewis S. Evangelical Appraisals of Process Theism 20 XX 2
Foster, Brett An Estimation of an Admonition: The Nature of Value, the Value of Nature, and the Abolition of Man 27 XXVII 4
Foster, James D. North American Psychology Revisitied 13 XIII 3
Franklin, Stephen T. The Theological Foundations of the Christian Liberal Arts in Relation to the Distinctives of the Christian Liberal Arts College/University 24 XXIV 3
Franklin, Stephen T. Process Thought From an Evangelical Perspective: An Appreciation and Critique 28 XXVIII  1
Freddoso, Alfred J. The "Openness" of God: A Reply to Hasker 28 XXVIII 1
From, Joel L. The Moral Economy of Nineteenth Century Evangelical Activism 30 XXX 1
From, Joel L. Antebellum Evangelicialism and the Diffusion of Providential Functionalism 32 XXXII 2
Fuller, Daniel P., Clark H. Pinnock, Douglas A. Sweeney, & Joel A. Carpenter Comments on " The Search for the Historical Evangelicalism: George Marsden's History of Fuller Seminary as a Case Study" by Donald W. Dayton 23 XXIII 1
Gaetz, Ivan The Moral Intelligence of Children 29 XXIX 1
Gallagher, Susan VanZanten Feminist Literary Criticism: An Ethical Approach to Literature 17 XVII 3
Garret, Stephen M. Glancing into the Cathedral of Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theology 39 XXXIX 1
Gay, Craig M. When Evangelicals Take Capitalism Seriously 21 XXI 4
Gay, Craig M. Christianity and the "Homelessness" of the Modern Mind 23 XXIII 2
Gay, Craig M. On Learning to Live with the Market Economy 24 XXIV 2
Gay, Craig M. Ron Sider Arrives at the End of History 26 XXVI 3
Gay, Craig M. The Technological Ethos and the Spirit of (Post) Modern Nihilism 28 XXVIII 1
Gehrz, Christopher Recovering a Pietist Understanding of a Christian Higher Education: Carl H. Lundquist and Karl A. Olsson 40 XL 2
Geisler, Norman L. Man's Destiny: Free or Forced 9 IX 2
Geisler, Norman L. Response to My Critics 9 IX 2
Genco, Peter A Believer by "Logical Test" 6 VI 4
George, Ivy In a New Educational Order: Teaching and Curriculum 21 XXI 3
Gilberson, Karl Jerusalem and the National Academy of Science: Is There a Christian Philosophy of Science? 23 XXIII 2
Gilberson, Karl Intelligent Design on Trial - A Review Essay 24 XXIV 4
Gill, Jerry H. On Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly 5 V 3
Gill, Jerry H. Posing as an Artist as an Old Man: An Interdisciplinary Encounter 8 VIII 1
Gill, Jerry H. Speaking to God 10 X 1
Gill, Jerry H. Religious Experience as Mediated 13 XIII 4
Givens, Ruth Mending Walls: Recognizing the Influence of Boundary Issues in the Teacher/Student Relationship 36 XXXVI 2
Glanzer, Perry L. Moving Beyond Value- or Virtue-Added: Transforming Colleges and Universities for Redemptive Moral Development 39 XXXIX 4
Glanzer, Perry L. Dispersing the Light: The Status of Christian Higher Education around the Globe 42 XLII 4
Glanzer, Perry L. & Petrenko, Konstantin Resurrecting the Russian University's Soul: The Emergence of Easter Orthodox Universities and Their Distinctive Approaches to Keeping Faith with Tradition 36 XXXVI 3
Glanzer, Perry L. & Ream, Todd C. Whose Story? Which Identity? Fostering Christian Identity at Christian Colleges and Universities 35 XXXV 1
Glaser, Ida & Gregory M. Anderson Building Respect, Seeking Truth: Towards a Model for Muslim-Christian Studies 34 XXXIV 4
Glyer, Diana Pavlac "We are All Fallen Creatures and All Very Hard to Live With": Some Thoughts on Lewis and Gender 36 XXXVI 4
Goetz, Stewart C.S. Lewis on Pleasure and Happiness 40 XL 3
Gogins, Michael K. The Balance of Terror as a Just War Hypergame 14 XIV 1
Goodson, Jacob L. & Quinn T. McDowell The Church for the World 42 XLII 2
Gray, Rich "A Way of Seeing the World": Synthesizing Art and Belief in  Walker Percy's Novels 29 XXIX 2
Gray, Rich Walker Percy's Appeal to Searchers: The Last Gentleman and The Second Coming 41 XLI 1
Gray, Rich & Don King The Christian Hero and the Realistic Novel 16 XVI 2
Green, Joel B. In Quest of the Historical: Jesus, the Gospels, and Historicisms Old and New 28 XXVIII 4
Green, Joel B. Monism and the Nature of Humans in Scriptures 29 XXIX 4
Gregory, Brad S. Response to Matthew Lundin's Review of The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society 41 XLI 4
Greidanus, Sidney The Use of the Bible in Christian Scholarship 11 XI 2
Grenz, Stanley J. Is God Sexual? Human Embodiment and the Christian Conception of God 18 XVIII 1
Griesinger, Donald W. The Theology of Work and the Work of Christian Scholars 39 XXXIX 3
Griesinger, Emily "Your Daughters Shall Prophesy": The Charismatic Spirituality of Hildegard of Bingen 29 XXIX 1
Griesinger, Emily  Why Ready Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling and the Christian Debate 32 XXXII 3
Griffin Wiersma, Noelle S. The Wesleyan Tradition and Qualitative Inquiry in Zcomtemporary Counseling Psychology: Heart and Mind as Art and Science 36 XXXVI 2
Griffin, David Ray Christian Faith and Scientific Naturalism: An Appreciative Critique of Phillip Johnson's Proposal 28 XXVIII 2
Groothuis, Douglas Do Theistic Proofs Prove the Wrong God? 29 XXIX 2
Groothuis, Rebecca Merrill Searching for Woman's Place in Evangelicalism -- Review Essay 28 XXVIII 2
Guinness, Os Response to Mark Noll's Review of A Free People's Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future 42 XLII 3
Gunn, Giles B. Hemingway's Testament of Human Solidarity: A Literary Critique of For Whom the Bell Tolls 2 II 2
Gutenson, Charles Can Belief in the Christian God be Properly Basic? A Pannenbergian Perspective on Plantinga and Basic Beliefs 29 XXIX 1
Guthrie, Steven R. From Memory to Imagination 42 XLII 4
Haas, Guenther ('Gene')  Exegetical Issues in the Use of the Bible to Justify the Acceptance of Homosexual Practice 26 XXVI 4
Habecker, Eugene B. Academic Freedom: Keeping it Complex, A Response to Samuel Logan 21 XXI 2
Habecker, Eugene B., John E. Brown III, & William Hasker The First Amendment, Private Religious Colleges and the State 20 XX 4
Haden, N. Karl Qoheleth and the Problem of Alienation 17 XVII 1
Hagenbuch, David J. Marketing as a Christian Vocation: Called to Reconciliation 38 XXXVIII 1
Halverson, Jim Restored Through Learning: Hugh of St. Victor's Vision for Higher Education 41 XLI 1
Hamilton, Christopher T. Poet versus Priest: Biblical Narrative and the Balanced Portrait in English Literature 23 XXIII 2
Hampton, Barbara J. Speaking the Truth in Love--A Review Essay on Muslim-Christian Dialogue 34 XXXIV 4
Hampton, Barbara J. Free to be Muslim-Americans: Community, Gender, and Identity in Once in a Promised Land, The Taqwacores, and The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf 40 XL 3
Hanley, Katherine Thomas Traherne's Centuries of Meditation: Structure and Style 3 III 1
Hannay, Margaret Milton's Doctrine "Of the Holy Scriptures" 5 V 4
Harakas, Stanley Samuel "Tradition" in Eastern Orthodox Thought 22 XXII 2
Harder, Allen J. The Possibility of Christian Anarchy: A Response to Nicholas Wolterstorff on Christian Views of the State 4 IV 4
Hardesty, Nancy A. "Whoever Surely Meaneth Me": Inclusive Language and the Gospel 7 VII 3
Hardy, Lee The Interpretations of Alvin Plantinga 19 XIX 2
Hardy, Lee Nature and Nature's God: The Religious Background of the Garden City Movement 38 XXXVIII 4
Harink, Douglas Taking the University to Church: The Role of Theology in the Christian Univeristy Curriculum 28 XXVIII 3
Harlow, Daniel C. Creation According to Genesis: Literary Genre, Cultural Context, Theological Truth 37 XXXVII 2
Harp, Gillis Response to Tom Lehman 41 XLI 3
Harp, Gillis J. Reconsidering the Liberal Captivity of American Evangelicalism 41 XLI 1
Harp, Richard L. The Christian Poetic of the Search for the Holy Grail 4 IV 4
Hart, D. G. A Reconsideration of Biblical Inerrancy and the Princeton Theology's Alliance with Fundamentalism 20 XX 4
Hart, D. G. Christian Scholars, Secular Universities, and the Problem with the Antithesis 30 XXX 4
Hart, Hendrick The Just Shall Live: Reformational Reflections on Public Justice and Racist Attitudes 16 XVI 3
Harvey, Barry A. What We've Got Here is a Failure to Imagine: The Church-Based University in the Tournament of Competing Visions 34 XXXIV 2
Harwood, Larry D.  Was Rationalism Christian or Modern? 27 XXVII 1
Hasker, William Academic Freedom: Secular and/or Christian 2 II 2
Hasker, William Resurrection and Mind-Body Identity: Can There Be Eternal Life Without a Soul? 4 IV 4
Hasker, William Reply to Donald M. MacKay 8 VIII 2
Hasker, William Brains, Persons, and Eternal Life 12 XII 4
Hasker, William A Gradualist Response to Robert Wennberg 14 XIV 4
Hasker, William Faith-Learning Integration: An Overview 21 XXI 3
Hasker, William Mr. Johnson for the Prosecution 22 XXII 2
Hasker, William Reply to Johnson 22 XXII 3
Hasker, William Darwin on Trial Revisited -- A Review Essay 24 XXIV 4
Hasker, William Plantinga on Warranted Beliefs: Does His Theory Function Properly? A Review Essay 25 XXV 3
Hasker, William The Openness of God 28 XXVIII 1
Hasker, William Tradition, Divine Transcendence, and the Waiting Father 28 XXVIII 1
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