Author Name Title Reviewer Name Volume Volume 2 Number
Ames, William The Marrow Theology Richard W. Etulain I:1 1 1
Anderson, David The Tragic Protest: A Christian Study of Some Modern Literatrue Virginia Mollenkott I:1 1 1
Auer, J. Jeffrey The Rhetoric of Our Times Delwin G. Nykamp I:1 1 1
Battenhouse, Roy Shakespearean Tragedy Ralph E. Hone I:1 1 1
Collins, Gary Search for Reality Don Tweedie, Jr. I:1 1 1
Connors, Donald F. Thomas Morto Richard W. Etulain I:1 1 1
Darling, Harold W. Man in Triumph Don Tweedie, Jr. I:1 1 1
Driver, Tom F. Romantic Quest and Modern Query: A History of Modern Theater Nelvin Vos I:1 1 1
Elder, Frederick Crisis in Eden: A Religious Study of Man and Environment Raymond Brand I:1 1 1
Etchells, Ruth Unafraid to Be: A Study of Contemporary English Writing Virginia Mollenkott I:1 1 1
Gollwitzer, Helmut The Christian Faith and the Marxist Criticism of Religion Ronald R. Nelson I:1 1 1
Grene, Marjorie Approaches to a Philosophical Biology Kenneth Tuinstra I:1 1 1
Harrison, Roland K. Introduction to the Old Testament J. Mervin Breneman I:1 1 1
Kenyon, Dean H. & Gary Steinman Biochemical Predestination John W. Haas I:1 1 1
Meeter, John E., ed. Selected Shorter Writings of Benjamin B. Warfield Gordon R. Lewis I:1 1 1
Morris, Leon The Revelation of St. John: An Introduction and Commentary Phillip Edgcumg Hughes I:1 1 1
O'Manique, John Energy in Evolution: Teilhard's 'Physics of the Future' Frederick G. Gregory I:1 1 1
Onimus, Jean Albert Camus and Christianity Thomas Molner I:1 1 1
Roche, George Charles, III Legacy of Freedom Ronald H. Nash I:1 1 1
Ryken, Leland The Apocalyptic Vision in Paradise Lost Dean Ebner I:1 1 1
Scott, John R. W. Christ the Controversialist: A Study in Some Essentials of Evangelical Religion Clark H. Pinnock I:1 1 1
Verduin, Leonard Somewhat Less than God: The Biblical View of Man Clavin Seerveld I:1 1 1
Wagner, C. Peter Latin American Theology: Radical or Evangelical? David Howard I:1 1 1
Winslow, Old Elizabeth John Eliot: "Apostle to the Indians" Richard W. Etulain I:1 1 1
Wood, A. Skevington Captive to the Word Addison H. Leitch I:1 1 1
Yohn, David Waite The Contemporary Preacher and His Task Jay E. Adams I:1 1 1
Beck, Hubert F. The Christian Encounters the Age of Technology Morris A. Inch I:2 1 2
Colville, Derek Victorian Poetry and the Romantic Religion G. B. Tennyson I:2 1 2
Cox, Roger L. Between Heaven and Earth: Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, and the Meaning of Christian Tragedy Roy W. Battenhouse I:2 1 2
Drinan, Robert F., S.J. Vietnam and Armageddon: Peace, War, and the Christain Conscience Paul B. Henry I:2 1 2
Ellul, Jacques The Meaning of the City Lon D. Randall I:2 1 2
Gish, Arthur G. The New Left and Christian Radicalism William White, Jr. I:2 1 2
Gram, Harold A. The Christian Encounters Government Economic Policy and Individual Welfare Stewart M. Lee I:2 1 2
Greaves, Richard L. John Bunyan Beatrice Batson I:2 1 2
Hayward, Max & William C. Fletcher, eds. Religion and the Soviet State: A Dilemma of Power Erik v. Kuehnelt-Leddihn I:2 1 2
High, Dallas, ed. New Essays in Religious Language Arthur F. Holmes I:2 1 2
Hunnex, Milton D. Existentialism and Christian Belief Paul D. Collard I:2 1 2
Knox, Malcolm A Layman's Quest Keith E. Yandell I:2 1 2
Lewis, C. S. Select Literary Essays Clyde S. Kilby I:2 1 2
Lochman, Jan Milic Chruch in a Marxist Society: A Czechoslovak View Erik v. Kuehnelt-Leddihn I:2 1 2
Miel, Jan Pascal and Theology Irwin Reist I:2 1 2
Opitz, Edmund A. Religion and Capitalism: Allies, Not Enemies Harold O. J. Brown I:2 1 2
Rose, Lois and Stephen The Shattered Ring: Science Fiction and the Quest for Meaning Thomas D. Clareson I:2 1 2
Scott, Nathan A, Jr. The Unquiet Vision: Mirrors of Man in Existentialism Robert Detweiler I:2 1 2
Walzer, Michael Obligations: Essays on Disobedience, War, and Citizenship Thomas Pappas I:2 1 2
Weiss, Miriam Strauss A Lively Corpse: Religion in Utopia Thomas D. Clareson I:2 1 2
Wood, Allen W. Kant's Moral Religion Roy Butler I:2 1 2
Campbell, Will D. & James Y. Holloway Up to Our Steeples in Politics R. Philip Loy I:3 1 3
Cassens, James Drug and Drug Abuse Ronald M. Enroth I:3 1 3
Delgado, Jose M.R. Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society Bruce C. Stokin I:3 1 3
Ellwood, Gracia Fay Good News from Tolkien's Middle Earth Bonniejean Christensen I:3 1 3
Epp, Frank H. Whose Land Is Palestine? Charles C. Ryrie I:3 1 3
Fain, Haskell Between Philosophy and History: The Resurrection of Speculative Philosophy of History Within the Analytic Tradition S. R. Kamm I:3 1 3
Fuchs, Joseph, S.J. Human Values and Christian Morality Charles Wilson I:3 1 3
Fuller, R. Buckminster, Eric A. Walker, James R. Killiam, Jr. Approaching the Benign Environment Peter A. Pav I:3 1 3
Gilkey, Langdon Religion and Scientific Future Bernard Ramm I:3 1 3
Grant, George Technology and Empire: Perspectives on North America William White, Jr. I:3 1 3
Gundry, Robert H. A Survey of the New Testament Merill C. Tenney I:3 1 3
Hamilton, Alice and Kenneth The Element of John Updike Wesley A. Kort I:3 1 3
Harrington, Alan The Immortalist: An Apporach to the Engineering of Man's Divinity George J. Jennings I:3 1 3
Helfrich, Harold W., Jr. The Environmental Crisis: Man's Struggle to Live with Himself Richard H. Gordon I:3 1 3
Mace, David R. The Christian Response to the Sexual Revolution John Stapert I:3 1 3
Marsden, George M. The Evangelical Mind and the New School Presbyterian Experience James E. Johnson I:3 1 3
Martin, Wm. Oliver Realism in Education Milo A. Rediger I:3 1 3
McLean, Gordon R. & Haskell Bowen High on the Campus Ronald M. Enroth I:3 1 3
Mehl, Roger The Sociology of Protestantism Russell Heddendorf I:3 1 3
Michaelsen, Robert S. Piety in the Public School Nicholas H. Beversluis I:3 1 3
Moore, John H. & Harold S. Slusher, ed. Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity Russell L. Mixter I:3 1 3
Morris, Leon Studies in the Fourth Gospel J. Ramsey Michaels I:3 1 3
Murray, Michael Modern Philosophy of History: Its Origin and Destination William W. Paul I:3 1 3
Neill, Stephen The Story of the Christian Church in India and Pakistan Lyle Vander Werf I:3 1 3
Ramsey, Paul & John F. Wilson, eds. The Study of Religion in Colleges and Universities William Oliver Martin I:3 1 3
Reid, J. K. S. Christian Apologetics Millard J. Erickson I:3 1 3
Ricoeur, Paul Fredu and Philosophy: An Essay on Interpretation Anthony C. Yu I:3 1 3
Robinson, John A.T. Christian Freedom in a Permissive Society Charles W. Carter I:3 1 3
Rookmaker, H. R. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture Thomas Howard I:3 1 3
Smith, David E., ed. The New Social Drug Ronald M. Enroth I:3 1 3
Trueblood, Elton The New Man for Our Time Joseph A. Hill I:3 1 3
Ackroyd, P. R. & C. F. Evans, eds. The Cambridge History of the Bible, Vol. 1: From the Beginnings to Jerome J. Barton Payne I:4 1 4
Anderson, J. N. D. Christianity and Comparative Religions Terrelle B. Crum I:4 1 4
Baker, Charles F. A Dispensational Theology Herman A. Hoyt I:4 1 4
Barnard, John From Evangelicalism to Progressivism at Oberlin College Hudson T. Armerding I:4 1 4
Blaikie, Robert J. "Secular Christianity" and God Who Acts Paul King Jewett I:4 1 4
Bowker, John Problems of Suffering in Religions of the World Frederick v. Shoot I:4 1 4
Brower, Frank E. The Search Eternal William W. Paul I:4 1 4
Cabaniss, Allen Liturgy and Literature William T. Noon I:4 1 4
Charlot, John New Testament Disunity: Its Significance for Christianity Today Gordon D. Fee I:4 1 4
Downey, James The Eighteenth Century Pulpit: A Study of the Sermons of Butler, Berkeley, Secker, Sterne, Whitefield, and Wesley Lyna Lee Montgomery I:4 1 4
Findlay, James F., Jr. Dwight L. Moody: American Evangelist, 1837-1899 Donald A. Wells I:4 1 4
Friedrich, Gerhard, ed. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Vol. VI, Pe-R David M. Scholer I:4 1 4
Gill, Jerry H., ed. Philosophy Today: No. 3 Myron Miller I:4 1 4
Hellwig, Monika What are the Theologians Saying? Robert L. Saucy I:4 1 4
Jarrett-Kerr, Martin William Faulkner Kathryn Ludwigson I:4 1 4
Kereszty, Roch A. God Seekers for a New Age: From Crisis Theology to Christian Atheism Edmund W. Tratebas I:4 1 4
Lamont, William M. Godly Rule: Politics and Religion, 1603-1660 Robert G. Clouse I:4 1 4
Lever, Jan Where Are We Headed? A Christian Perspective on Evolution A. E. Wilder-Smith I:4 1 4
Lewis, C. S. God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics James W. Sire I:4 1 4
Marty, Martin E. & Dean G. Peerman, eds. New Theology No. 7 Delwin Brown I:4 1 4
Montgomery, John Warwick In Defense of Martin Luther Leon O. Hynson I:4 1 4
Montgomery, Marion Ezra Pound John D. Wilson I:4 1 4
Nuttall, Geoffrey F. The Faith of Dante Alighieri Ann Paton I:4 1 4
Pratt, John Clark John Steinbeck Kathryn Ludwigson I:4 1 4
Preus, Robert D. The Theology of Post-Reformation Lutheranism: A Study of Theological Prolegomena C. George Fry I:4 1 4
Raines, John C. & Thomas Dean, eds. Marxism and Radical Religion: Essays Toward a Revolutionary Humanism Gary North I:4 1 4
Rosenblueth, Arturo Mind and Brain: A Philosophy of Science Clifton J. Orlebeke I:4 1 4
Saher, P. J. Eastern Wisdom and Western Thought: A Comparative Study in the Modern Philosophy of Religion William W. Paul I:4 1 4
Schaeffer, Francis A. The Church at the End of the 20th Century Clark H. Pinnock I:4 1 4
Siggins, Ian D. Kingston Martin Luther's Doctrine of Christ J. Julius Scott I:4 1 4
Spitzer, Walter O. & Carlyle L. Saylor, eds. Birth Control and the Christian: A Protestant Symposium on the Control of Human Reproduction Larry L. Bumpass I:4 1 4
Taylor, Richard Good and Evil: A New Direction Milton D. Hunnex I:4 1 4
Trethowan, Illtyd Absolute Value: A Study in Christian Theism Robert Brow I:4 1 4
Vaux, Kenneth Subduing the Cosmos: Cybernetics and Man's Future Richard H. Bube I:4 1 4
Walsh, Chad God at Large Robert L. Cleath I:4 1 4
Wiersma, Stanley M. Christopher Fry Kathryn Ludwigson I:4 1 4
Willey, Basil Religion Today John R. W. Stott I:4 1 4
Wilson, William R. The Execution of Jesus: A Judicial, Literary and Historical Investigation Edwin M. Yamauchi I:4 1 4
Woodson, Leslie H. The Swinging Church: A Study in Extremes William W. Higginson I:4 1 4
Andreach, Robert J. The Slain and Resurrected God: Conrad, Ford, and the Christian Myth Norman M. Carson II:2 2 2
Apostol, Robert Z., ed. Human Values in a Secular World Earl William Kennedy II:2 2 2
Barbour, Ian G. Science and Secularity: The Ethics of Technology Joseph L. Spradley II:2 2 2
Beck, Stanley D. Modern Science and Christian Life Joseph L. Spradley II:2 2 2
Bertocci, Peter A. The Person God Is Peter Genco II:2 2 2
Boulding, Kenneth E. Beyond Economics: Essays on Society, Religion, and Ethics George N. Monsma, Jr. II:2 2 2
Braaten, Carl and Robert Jenson The Futurist Option Samuel J. Mikolaski II:2 2 2
Calvin College Curriculum Study Committee Christian Liberal Arts Education Lars I. Granberg II:2 2 2
Capps, Walter H., ed. The Future of Hope Samuel J. Mikolaski II:2 2 2
Cummins, Paul F. Richard Wilbur: A Critical Essay David Tomlinson II:2 2 2
Duncan, A. D. The Christ, Psychotherapy and Magic J. Marion Snapper II:2 2 2
Faramelli, Norman J. Technethics: Christian Mission in an Age of Technology Gordon J. Van Wylen II:2 2 2
Garvin, Richard M. & Robert E. Burger The World of the Twilight Believers Brendan F. J. Furnish II:2 2 2
Holmes, Arthur F. Christian Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: An Essay in Philosophical Methodology Alvin C. Plantinga II:2 2 2
Johnson, Oliver A. The Moral Life Henry Pietersma II:2 2 2
Johnson, Paul E. Psychology of Religion Harold W. Darling II:2 2 2
MacIntyre, Alasdair Herbert Marcuse: An Exposition and a Polemic C. T. McIntire II:2 2 2
Moltmann, Jurgen Hope and Planning Samuel J. Mikolaski II:2 2 2
Parker, T. H. L. Karl Barth Klass Runia II:2 2 2
Pierard, Richard V. The Unequal Yoke: Evangelical Christianity and Political Conservatism Lee Nash II:2 2 2
Pike, Nelson God and Timelessness: Studies in Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion David H. Freeman II:2 2 2
Ramsey, Ian T., ed. Words About God: The Philosophy of Religion Randall Ericson II:2 2 2
Ramsey, Paul The Patient as Person: Explorations in Medical Ethics Harmon L. Smith II:2 2 2
Redekop, Calvin The Free Church and Seductive Culture Dallas M. Roark II:2 2 2
Reilly, R.J. Romantic Religion: A Study of Barfield, Lewis, Williams, and Tolkien R. J. Reilly II:2 2 2
Roszak, Theodore The Making of a Counter Culture Charles Griffin II:2 2 2
Sadler, William A., Jr., ed. Personality and Religion: The Role of Religion in Personality Development Harold W. Darling II:2 2 2
Scott, Nathan A., Jr. The Wild Prayer of Longing: Poetry and the Sacred David Anderson II:2 2 2
Scott, Nathan, Jr. Nathanael West David Tomlinson II:2 2 2
Smith, A. E. Wilder The Creation of Life: A Cybernetic Approach to Evolution Walter R. Hearn II:2 2 2
Smith, Donald Eugene Religion and Political Development Robert E. Elder II:2 2 2
Torrance, Thomas F. Space, Time and Incarnation Bert H. Hall II:2 2 2
Yandell, Keith E. Basic Issues in the Philosophy of Religion Gordon Clark II:2 2 2
Bartley, William Warren, III Morality and Religion John T. Stahl II:3 2 3
Brown, Dale W. The Christian Revolutionary Richard V. Pierard II:3 2 3
Curtis, Charles J. Contemporary Protestant Thought Herbert M. Carson II:3 2 3
Dewart, Leslie Religion, Language and Truth Sidney Chapman II:3 2 3
Fackenheim, Emil L. God's Presence in History: Jewish Affirmations and Philosophical Reflections Marvin R. Wilson II:3 2 3
Feeley, Sister Kathleen, S.S.N.D. Flannery O'Conner; Voice of the Peacock Robert Drake II:3 2 3
Grabill, Joseph L. Protestant Diplomacy and the Near East: Missionary Influence on American Policy, 1810-1927 Richard C. Rung II:3 2 3
Gunn, Giles B., ed. Literature and Religion G. B. Tennyson II:3 2 3
Henry, Carl F. H. A Plea for Evangelical Demonstration Augustus Cerillo, Jr. II:3 2 3
Howe, Daniel Walker The Unitarian Conscience: Harvard Moral Philosophy, 1805-1861 George Marsden II:3 2 3
Huttar, Charles A., ed. Imagination and the Spirit Nancy M. Tischler II:3 2 3
Keefe, Carolyn, ed. C.S. Lewis: Speaker and Teacher Corbin Scott Carnell II:3 2 3
Kersten, Lawrence L. The Lutheran Ethic: The Impact of Religion on Laymen and Clergy John H. Gerstner II:3 2 3
Killinger, John Leave it to the Spirit: Commitment and Freedom in the New Liturgy W. Glyn Evans II:3 2 3
King, Noel Q. Christian and Muslim in Africa Jay E. Hakes II:3 2 3
Lucas, J. R. The Freedom of the Will William Young II:3 2 3
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Davis-Weyer, Caecilia Early Medieval Art, 300-1150: Sources and Documents Elizabeth A. Douglas II:4 2 4
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Ellul, Jacques Prayer and Modern Man W. Nigel Kerr II:4 2 4
Fishlock, David Man Modified: An Explanation of the Man/Machine Relatioship Howard M. Stein II:4 2 4
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Johnson, Robert L. Counter Culture and the Vision of God John Scanzoni II:4 2 4
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Macbeth, Norman Darwin Retired: An Appeal to Reason George Blankenbaker II:4 2 4
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Underwood, Kenneth The Church, The University, and Social Policy: The Danforth Study of Campus Ministries Calvin S. Malefyt II:4 2 4
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Veatch, Henry B. For An Ontology of Morals: A Critique of Contemporary Ethical Theory Robert W. Jordan II:4 2 4
Wheat, Leonard F. Paul Tillich's Dialectical Humanism: Unmasking the God Above God Herbert R. Dymale II:4 2 4
Barrett, J. Edward How Are You Programmed? Howard Z. Cleveland III:1 3 1
Clark, Gordon H. Historiography: Secular and Religious Sherman B. Barnes III:1 3 1
Collins, Gary R. Man in Transition: The Psychology of Human Development Robert K. Bower III:1 3 1
Cone, James H. The Spirituals and the Blues H. R. Rookmaaker III:1 3 1
Ellison, Jerome God on Broadway Max H. James III:1 3 1
Enroth, Ronald M., Edward E. Ericson, Jr., & C. Breckinridge Peters The Jesus People: Old-Time Religion in the Age of Aquarius David L. McKenna III:1 3 1
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Grounds, Vernon C. Revolution and the Christian Faith Robert C. Clouse III:1 3 1
Hurley, Neil P. Theology Through Film Norman Carson III:1 3 1
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Lutz, Jessie Gregory China and the Christian Colleges Samuel Hugh Moffett III:1 3 1
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Mavrodes, George I. The Rationality of Belief in God Merold Westphal III:1 3 1
Moreno, Antonio Jung, Gods, and Modern Man R. J. Rushdoony III:1 3 1
Newport, John P. Theology and Contemporary Art Forms Paul Schlueter III:1 3 1
Palms, Roger C. The Jesus Kids David L. McKenna III:1 3 1
Patterson, Robert Leet A Philosophy of Religion Stanley R. Obitts III:1 3 1
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Andelson, Robert V. Imputed Rights: An Essay in Christian Social Theory Stanley W. Moore III:3 3 3
Anderson, J.N.D. Morality, Law and Grace Gwyn Walters III:3 3 3
Andreski, Stanislav Social Sciences as Sorcery John W. Snyder III:3 3 3
Barnette, Henlee H. The Church and the Ecological Crisis Robert A. Nisbet III:3 3 3
Bell, David A. Bertrand Russell Jill A. Whitney III:3 3 3
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Daniel, Robert L. American Philanthropy in the Near East: 1820-1960 Joseph L. Grabill III:3 3 3
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Ruth, John L. Maintaining the Right Fellowship E. Morris Sider XIV:4
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