Our Mission

The Christian Scholar’s Review exists to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement by strengthening churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions through promoting unity and excellence in biblical counseling.

Our mission is to foster collaborative relationships and to provide robust, relevant biblical resources that equip the Body of Christ to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth through the personal ministry of the Word.

All that we do flows from our calling to empower the biblical counseling movement to equip people to love God and one another in Christ-centered ways.

We pursue this purpose by organizing our thinking around one central question: “What does it mean to counsel in the grace and truth of Christ?”

Our Vision

More than counseling, our vision is for the entire church to speak God’s truth in love.

Our vision is to unite, advance, and multiply the biblical counseling movement in Christ-centered cooperation by relating in ways that are loving and wise, pursuing the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

We are dedicated to developing the theology and practice of the personal ministry of the Word, whether described as biblical counseling, personal discipleship, one-another ministry, small group ministry, the cure of soul, soul care, spiritual friendship, or spiritual direction.

We seek to promote the strengthening and multiplication of these ministries by ministering to people who offer care, people who are seeking care, and people who train care-givers.

Our Passion

Advancing Biblical Counseling Globally